**************Special Announcement*****************

New information on our Gun Nite Fundraiser. During the January 2021, monthly meeting, the trustee’s adopted and approved that the Gun Nite drawing scheduled for April 18 2020 which was cancelled due to the Covid 19 virus and rescheduled for April 17 2021, will be conducted on that date. Exceptions being that the tickets will be drawn and awarded as scheduled. Although the JCSA WILL NOT be hosting any meal or on site activities. The tickets will be drawn at the JCSA club house and prizes awarded accordingly. Winners of prizes will be notified by ticket sellers on where they can pick up their prizes.

The Officers regret that on site activities will not happen for this drawing but due to the continuous ongoing Covid virus, the officers feel that we just need to draw the tickets and award the prizes. Any future Gun Nite  drawings will be advertised at a later date. We hope to schedule a New drawing for our Gun Nite for April,16 of 2022, club members will contact ticket holders when the next fundraiser is scheduled.

The Officers and Trustee’s would like to thank everyone who have helped support the JCSA, through these times!!

If anyone has a question please contact their ticket seller, or call 717-320-4430.


We are now  accepting applications for the membership year : July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

Please see the “MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION” link to the right-hand side of this page for additional information and a printable form.


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The regular Association meeting will be held at the clubhouse starting at 7:30 PM, on the second Wednesday of every month.