The Officers and Trustee’s would like to Thank Melinda and Ryan Renninger, for a very successful indoor 22 grocery shoot season, that concluded, on March 25, 2023.

Reviewing past season’s attendance for Saturday evening shoots, Melinda and Ryan, have set a new attendance record of 64 shooters for a single evenings shoot.

Melinda & Ryan will again be operating the shoots next year, which will begin, the first Saturday after New Years (January 6, 2024)  We hope anyone who wants to shoot for prizes, comes out and joins Melinda & Ryan every Saturday evening through March of 2024.

** All shooters will be responsible for their personnel protection devices,( IE- safety glasses, hearing protection), along with  maintaining  all proper gun safety rules while attending!

(Lets all do our part in having a SAFE, relaxing, pleasant evening at the shoot)!!